Using ChatGPT in gerontological research, policy, and our daily work practices: an interactive discussion forum for AAG members

2:30 PM
3:40 PM


Wednesday 5th April 11.30am - 12.40pm AEST Via Zoom / 14h30 to 15h40 NZ time

Join us for an interactive webinar about the AI technology ChatGPT, and its potential applications in gerontological research, policy, and our daily work practices. Whether you are new to the technology or are an experienced user, this webinar provides a space to share experiences, discuss learnings and brainstorm potential uses - and collaboratively reflect on the process, politics, and implications.

If you are new this technology, we encourage you to challenge yourself by trying it out before or during the webinar - ChatGPT has the potential to assist in various aspects of our work, from generating content, translating jargon, and streamlining routine tasks. Ask it to draft a challenging email, refine your policy document/ journal article /survey questions, translate research jargon into easily understandable language or perhaps even brainstorm the title and abstract for your AAG 2023 abstract submission! To learn more about ChatGPT, please visit //

Note: this is a primarily a 'how to use ChatGPT' session, rather than a reflective research discussion about the ethics and implications - although we will discuss that too!    


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