Rethinking Ageing

6 – 8 September 2023

Waipapa Taumata Rau

University of Auckland

Speaker Highlight - Dr Andrew Kingston


Dr Kingston and NZAG President Dr Kerse just shared a "on the couch" conversation ahead of our annual conference.





Andrew is a Chartered Statistician with a PhD in statistical epidemiology, and uses complex longitudinal data and advanced statistical techniques to understand how health outcomes unfold over time. Andrews vision is to understand ways in which age-related functional decline can be compressed to the shortest possible window before death, leading to better quality of life for older people by compressing their period of dependency and to explore specific pathways through which biology, disease, lifestyle factors and socio-demographics interact across the life-course to shape health trajectories.

He has a broad portfolio of research to bring to the rethinking of ageing including understanding pathways to disability and dependency in older people; understanding how disability is shaped by exposures to risk factors across the life-course and drivers of health inequality; causes of the male-female disability survival paradox.