Pulling a Rabbit Out of a Hat: The magic of rural and remote nurses

Webinars Begins: 1st August 2024
GANA & AAG have convened an amazing group of clinicians who will share their experiences of delivering health and aged care services to our older populations in rural and remote locations.
Free to attend


Conference Begins: 15th August 2024
Auckland, Auckland

Auckland Sailing Beyond 2024: A Vision for Tomorrow

South Australian Gerontology (SAGe) Conference

Conference Begins: 23rd August 2024
Fogolar Furlan, Felixstow

2024 South Australian Gerontology Conference SAGe24 - "Ageing Well Globally"

NZAG 2024 Conference 'Navigating Ageing’

Conference Begins: 28th August 2024
Te Herenga Waka, Victoria University, Wellington

The NZAG organising committee is pleased to invite you to the NZAG 2024 conference to be held on 28th to 30th August, 2024 in Wellington, Te Herenga Waka, Victoria University.

International Dementia Conference 2024

Conference Begins: 5th September 2024
Sydney Australia

The International Dementia Conference 2024 (IDC2024) will be held in Sydney on 5-6 September 2024.

Presenters and delegates will include national and international leaders, researchers and decision makers in the deliver…

The Art of Ageing

Conference Begins: 6th November 2024
Christchurch Chateau on the ParkChristchurch, NZ, Canterbury

The Faculty of Psychiatry of Old Age 2024 Conference

2024 AAG Conference

Conference Begins: 12th November 2024
Fresh air- Fresh thinking
57th AAG Conference Hobart Tasmania

57th AAG Conference

Conference Begins: 12th November 2024
Hobart, Tasmania

57th AAG Conference Hobart, Tasmania
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